5 Tips for becoming a better Poker Player

Tips to being a better poker player

1. Bankroll Management

One of the most discussed things when it comes to poker is managing your bankroll.  In short as with most of these tips, there is no correct answer. Many poker players advocate for an aggressive shot taking strategy whilst others believe that a conservative approach is the best way forward.

We at The Poker Palace suggest you take the approach that best suits your circumstance. The more popular of the two approaches is a more conservative approach of slow and steady wins the race.

2. Consider Ranges not Hands

A common mistake that is often made comes when a player tries to work out what cards his opponent has. Next time you’re faced down with a triple barrel on the river, consider what particular range of hands your opponent could have and how often they may have them, if you do this you’ll be making more accurate decisions in no time.

3. Throw tilt out the window

“I was tilted” is a classic justification that many poker players for a bad decision. Here at The Poker Palace we hope you leave your tilt at the door. Sometimes when things aren’t going your way at the table you lose control of your emotions and make bad decisions. Many poker dreams have come to an end because of this. You owe it to yourself to maintain your composure and not undo all your hard work, or more importantly stop having fun because the cards aren’t falling your way!

4. Learn to adjust

Adjusting to your environment is key in poker. If there is a reason to start raising a mediocre hand more often, such as the big blind is folding a lot or you get to play a pot against a specific opponent in position, then by all means go for it. If you can produce a solid argument as to why you are deviating from your norm then it is good to adapt every now and again. The hand being your favourite hand does not count! Nor does being bored…

5. Know when to Hold’Em, Know when to Fold’Em

Getting too attached to hands is often a mistake that many players make. Just because their hand is good pre flop, that may no longer be the case by the river. For example you have raised pre flop with a hand like Kings or Aces. You get to the river and there are 4 cards to a straight, or 4 cards to a flush on board, and a tight opponent is betting into you. Just because this was a good hand pre flop, it’s strength has severely decreased and now it’s time to throw it away!

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