Our Champions

Royal Festival

Pot Limit Omaha

The Royal Festival also crowned the Champion of our Pot Limit Omaha!

Congratulations to all players who cashed and a massive thank you to those who came to support!

Pot Limit Omaha Winners

1st – Sangeet Sharma $5000
2nd – Toby Giles $2700
3rd – Cesar Acosta $1350

Queen's Satellite

The success of day one continued on into event two, which seen us give away two tickets at $1650 High Roller and a cash prize for third.

Queen’s Satellite Winners

Jai Duffy
Steven Green
Charles Chiha

Royal Sunday

Event one of our Royal Festival kicked off in style, attracting just shy of 90 entries and surpassing the $40,000 advertised prizepool with ease.

After battling it out, our final four opted for an ICM deal, which seen them all walk away with quite a nice payday from the Prizepool on offer.

Royal Sunday Winners

1st – Tolly S $10265
2nd – Sean Dorgan $7690
3rd – Anthony Iannitheiu $7280

Autumn Championships

Main Event Satellite

What a flying start we have had to the Autumn Championships. Originally advertised as 5 seats, the Main Event Satellite generated a 7 seat prize pool.

Main Event Satellite Winners

Theo Dharmasaputra
Shaun Zammit
Eddy Hosni
Veboshan Elankoban
Farnaz Bahrehbar
Ali Amooheidari
Vahid Noruyizan

Leaderboard Playoff

It’s been a long four weeks of battle for our leaderboard contenders and it all came to a head at our Autumn Championships leaderboard playoff

Leaderboard Playoff Winners

Shaun Zammit – $2500 High Roller
Hedley Fung – $1150 Main Event
Jason Wassef – $550 Main Event Warm Up

High Roller Satellite

Our second satellite of the Autumn Championships saw a great mixture of new and regular faces at the Palace, with four of the greats winning their seat into our $2500 High Roller

High Roller Satellite Winners

Sam Khouiss
Daniel Embleton
Michael Sleiman
Evan Psarras

Six Max High Roller

The Autumn Championships kicked off in style with our Six Max High Roller.
Congratulations to all players who cashed and a massive thank you to all those who came to support.

Six Max High Roller Top 3 Winners

1st – Mohammed Ali $25500
2nd – Stylianos Markriou $15000
3rd – David Rodwell $8500

Bounty Tournament

Event number two of the Autumn Championships blew up, attracting a massive 77 players, and paying out just shy of $38,000 in both bounties and prizepool!
Congratulations to all players who cashed.

Bounty Tournament Winners

1st – Toby Giles $3865
2nd – Michael Oscuro $4000
3rd – Daniel Embleton $3500

Monster Stack

Event three has come to a close at the Autumn Championships, and all we can say is wow; what an event it’s been! After battling it out for two days, our final three decided to do an ICM chop. We cannot thank our players enough for making this event so successful!

Monster Stack Top 3 Winners

1st – Jarrod Thatcher $12500
2nd – Craig Blight $11905
3rd – Adam Khalidi $11250

Pot Limit Omaha

The Autumn Championships also crowned the Champion of our Pot Limit Omaha tournament! Congratulations to all players who cashed and a massive thank you to those who came to support.

Pot Limit Omaha Top 3 Winners

1stGeetinder Singh $7590
2nd – Sam Ioannou $6410
3rd – Michael Sleiman $3400

Warm Up Event

It was a very tough journey for our final table in the Main Event Warm Up, having to battle through the massive field of 270 entries .
After battling it out, Ehsan Amiri came out victorious, placing him in second place now for the Player of the Series. Congratulations to all players who cashed.

Warm Up Event Top 3 Winners

1st – Ehsan Amiri $35000
2nd – Elton Muzha $23000
3rd – Fletcher Smith $14400

Autumn Teams Event

Autumn Championships teams event absolutely killed it, with 105 entries and a night full of fun and laughter.
The final table was a star studded affair, many of which chasing those all important Player of the Series points.  In the end, the duo of dreams struck again, taking home the $9000 first prize, along with the points and trophies.

Teams Event Winners

1st – Mark Yazbeck and Charles Chiha $9000

Weekend Satellite

It was a weekend of satellite action at the Poker Palace Autumn Championships. Congratulations to all of our players who have won their way into our Autumn Championships headline events for a fraction of the price!

Weekend Satellite Winners

Alex Yazbeck – $1150 Main Event
Sammy Salha – $2500 High Roller
Charles Chiha – $5000 Super High Roller

High Roller Satellite

Our second scheduled High Roller satellite of the Autumn Championships was a great success, generating five High Roller seats, and 6th place walking away with an $1150 Main Event seat for their efforts.

High Roller Satellite Event Winners

Suzy Khoueiss
Wassim Al Hayek
Chris Moussa
Nick Velcic
Michael Tomruk

High Roller Event

Curtains have closed on our $2500 High Roller, and what an event it’s been! We were absolutely blown away by the massive turnout and in the end, we finished with a massive 119 entries and a prizepool of $260,000+

High Roller Winners

1st – Hass Onay $80,000
2nd – Jarod Cunningham $55000
3rd – Rehman Kassam $33000

Nightly Turbo Event

Sunday night’s nightly turbo seen plenty of action, with many of our players battling it out for Player of the Series points.
Congratulations to all who cashed!

Nightly Turbo Winners

1st – Hasan Onay $2300
2nd – Sam Khouiss $2000
3rd – Shelly Pooley $2000

Pot Omaha High Roller

The Autumn Championships  also crowned the Champion of our Pot Omaha High Roller! While a new addition to the series schedule, it was a massive success, gathering 82 entries.
Congratulations to all players who cashed and a massive thank you to those who came to support!

Pot Omaha High Roller Winners

1st – Ryan Bownds $25000
2nd – Hasan Onay $17500
3rd – Gary Benson $11600

Super High Roller Event

We crowned our second Super High Roller Winner, and it was none other than High Roller crusher Dean Boskovic.
Congratulations to all who cashed and a massive thank you to those who came to support

Super High Roller Winner

1st – Dean Boskovic $75000
2nd – Gary Benson $63000
3rd – Rehman Kassam $29250

Player of the Series

Player of the series

Top 30 as at 14th May

We are six events in to our Autumn Championships and have some strong contenders battling away for the grand prize of a $20,000 Rolex.

Remaining Events

• Main Event – 14th – 17th May
• Nightly Turbo – 16th May
• PLO High Roller – 17th May

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